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What to expect at your lifestyle newborn session

February 9, 2023

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An lifestyle newborn session is a perfect way to capture the candid beauty of your new baby and preserve special memories that you can cherish for years to come. As a newborn photographer, I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience for parents and newborns during a lifestyle session. Heres what you can expect from your lifestyle newborn session.

Time Frame 

Whenever possible, I recommend scheduling newborn sessions within the first 1014 days after birth. This ensures babies are still in the sleepy newborn phase, allowing for the best photos. It also allows parents to adjust to the lifestyle change that comes with a newborn and allows Moms the time to recover. However, if needed, newborn sessions can be scheduled up to 4 weeks after birth, especially for Mamas who have had csections or need extra time to rest.

The Day of Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

The morning of your lifestyle newborn session, hair and makeup will come to your home and get you pampered. I will arrive before you are done and will come with the dresses you selected during your wardrobe and planning appointment. While you are finishing up, I will swaddle your sweet newborn and add any bows or bonnets you selected. We will have a fun and relaxing session where you can truly enjoy your new growing family. I encourage you to pull together any heirlooms items, like clothes, baskets, blankets etc; you would like to include during your session.

Prep for your Newborn 

Feeding your newborn baby is the most important prep for your lifestyle newborn session. I suggest you feed your baby approximately 30 minutes before your session starts. This will ensure that your baby is full and content during the session. Additionally, if your baby needs to take a break for feeding, changing, or burping, please do not feel pressured to stick to a schedule. I understand that it can be overwhelming to change the plan, but it is important that your baby is comfortable and taken care of.

TIP:  I recommend you and your spouse give your baby a calming bath right before or after feeding. This can help your baby to relax and be sleepy during the session.

Prep for your home

The biggest prep you can do for your home is really simple! It is important to ensure that all the lights are off and the blinds are open all the way. This will help with the lighting during your session and allow me to see the rooms with the best light when I arrive. Decluttering is very important as well. I encourage you to think about what in your photos you are not going to want to see. It could mean moving chargers, and books and ensuring the nightstands are clean. Don’t worry so much about the nursery. I will move things around when I get the details shots and put everything back when I am done.

After your lifestyle newborn session

After your lifestyle newborn session, I start editing your gallery, and then within 1-2 weeks, I will reach out to schedule your viewing and ordering appointment. This is when we will view all your final images, and you can order the beautiful artwork for your home.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

If you’d like to reserve your lifestyle newborn session on my schedule, contact me to start the process! I take a limited number of due dates each month to ensure my schedule is flexible enough to accommodate each session. Therefore, I recommend reaching out to book at the start of your second trimester.


baby girl newborn nursery in charlotte NC

new parents cuddling newborn baby during lifestyle newborn session

Lifestyle newborn session - Katie Petrick Photography

dad holing newborn baby during lifetsyle newborn session - Katie Petrick Photography

mama and newborn baby girl in bed cuddling

mom laying in bed and with newborn baby during lifestyle newborn session by Katie Petrick Photography

newborn baby girl - Katie Petrick Photography

Katie Petrick Photography is a Charlotte newborn, family and maternity photographer based out of Charlotte, NC. If you are interested in family or newborn photos with Katie Petrick Photography and want more information, please click here or email me at

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    Beautiful in home session and great ideas too!

  3. Megan says:

    This is so helpful! It has things I wouldn’t have thought about but can make all the difference in the final images.

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    Beautiful photos and site!

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