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Second Trimester To Do List! North Carolina Newborn Photographer

August 8, 2023

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Hey, beautiful moms-to-be! As a passionate North Carolina newborn photographer, I am thrilled to be a part of your incredible journey into motherhood. The second trimester is a special time filled with excitement and anticipation, and I want to help you make the most of it. Alongside the essential tasks, I’ll share the significance of preserving your precious memories through professional newborn photography.

5 Things On your To Do List Now That You Are In your 2nd Trimester

  1. Schedule Your Prenatal Appointments: During this precious time, your health and the well-being of your little one take center stage. Make sure to prioritize your prenatal appointments with your healthcare provider to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey.
  2. Reserve Your Maternity (and Newborn) Session: As an experienced North Carolina newborn photographer, I understand the beauty and significance of capturing the radiance and joy of expectant mothers. Book a maternity photoshoot to celebrate this special phase of your life. Make sure to book a photographer who is in line with your vision; this is so important when considering documenting such a special time for your family. Be sure to follow this link to read about How to Find The Right Photographer For You!
  3. Start Preparing Your Nursery: Let your creativity flow as you design a cozy and welcoming space for your little one. From choosing the perfect crib to adding delightful decor, this is the perfect opportunity to create a nursery that reflects your love and excitement.
  4. Consider Taking a Prenatal Yoga or Exercise Class: Staying active during pregnancy is essential for your well-being. Prenatal yoga and exercise classes provide a safe and enjoyable way to keep your body healthy and prepare for the big day. Plus, it’s a wonderful chance to connect with other moms on this journey.
  5. Start Thinking About Your Birth Plan: Your birthing experience should be as special as you are. Take some time to think about your preferences and wishes for the labor and delivery process. As your North Carolina newborn photographer, I believe that every mother deserves a birthing experience that reflects her desires.

North Carolina Newborn Photographer

Preserving Precious Memories with a North Carolina Newborn Photographer: As a newborn photographer based in North Carolina, I hold a deep appreciation for capturing the fleeting moments of early motherhood. My passion lies in creating timeless images that will remind you of this incredible journey for years to come.

As you embark on this beautiful journey into motherhood, I want to be there every step of the way. As your North Carolina newborn photographer, I am committed to preserving the magic and love of this special time. Let’s create cherished memories together that you will treasure forever. Enjoy this extraordinary phase of your life, and I cannot wait to meet you and your little one soon! Contact me today to learn more and check off booking a newborn photographer from your to-do list!

North Carolina Newborn Photographer, Katie Petrick Photography


North Carolina Newborn photographer

With a specialization in newborn, maternity, and family photography, Katie Petrick Photography is a North Carolina Newborn Photographer dedicated to helping busy moms preserve their precious memories. Additionally, we provide custom artwork and timeless images to ensure a truly personalized experience. Moreover, our North Carolina photography studio offers both in-home and outdoor sessions in Charlotte and surrounding areas. In doing so, we aim to provide convenience and flexibility for our clients. Above all, our goal is to offer a luxury and stress-free experience, allowing our clients to fully enjoy the process of capturing their cherished moments.

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