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Tips For Including Older Siblings in Newborn Photos in Charlotte NC

March 23, 2023

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Introducing a new baby into the family unit is an amazing and overwhelming time, especially when an older sibling is also present. If you are considering booking newborn photos in Charlotte NC I encourage you  As a mama of three baby girls, I know your head is spinning with all your questions. Will the siblings get along? How do I manage both kids? As a newborn photographer in Charlotte, NC, and a mama myself, I am here to tell you to take a deep breath and know that everything is okay! Yes, you can manage multiple kids, and they will be best friends; everything falls into place.

During consultation calls with expecting mamas who have older children, they always mentioned that they are looking into newborn photos because they want to capture the connection between their children. During sessions, families get to see the bond that is developing, and more importantly, they get to capture these moments and get to enjoy them for many more years.

To ensure you receive images you are going to love; we are sharing tips for including older siblings in newborn photos in Charlotte NC. Keep reading!

newborn photos in Charlotte NC

1. Take breaks during your newborn session in Charlotte NC

Taking breaks during a newborn session with older siblings is incredibly important. The length of a newborn session can vary; we may be taking breaks so mama can feed the baby or if a toddler is restless and needs to step away for a minute. 

Going for a walk, listening to music, and just taking a minute to change scenery can always help!

2. Bring snacks to your newborn session in Charlotte NC

This is a must-do and something I always make sure to remind moms about before their sessions.

We all have been there where we get “hangry,” and the same goes for kids. Make sure to keep it a simple snack, such as cheerios, or goldfish, nothing that is going to turn moths green or leave kids with grimy hands! This will keep them happy and prevent a meltdown, and it is perfect for when we need to take a break.

3. Always keep smiling during a newborn session with your older children

I know this one can be so hard, especially if your oldest child is having a hard time! However, it is so important to smile during anything that is going on. I promise you at the moment; it can seem like everything is chaotic and not going the way you envisioned. Kids feed off your energy, so it is important to remember that during your session.

I hope these tips have helped put your mind at ease when booking your newborn photos. To learn more about the experience, and do reserve your session, click here.


Mom and dad holding older daughter and newborn during family newborn session in Charlotte NC
Toddler girl during newborn photos in Charlotte NC Big sister smiling with baby brother | Katie Petrick Phtography

Katie Petrick Photography specializes in newborn photos in Charlotte NC, helping busy moms treasure their precious memories by giving them the gift of timeless images and custom artwork in their homes with a luxurious, stress-free experience.

If you are interested in maternity, newborn, or family photos with Katie Petrick Photography, click here or email for more information.

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  1. Kathryne says:

    Such great advice!

  2. kami vanous says:

    These are so beautiful! What a lucky, lucky family!!!

  3. Rya Duncklee says:

    Great tips!

  4. Megan Peter says:

    That is so helpful! I know it can be stressful including a toddler in a newborn session, but it’s so, so worth it! Trust your photographer- she’s got you, mama!

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