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Charlotte NC Photographer Investment

February 25, 2023

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If you are booking a Charlotte NC, photographer, it is important that you determine how much you want to invest. The truth is there are many photographers and many different price points. An easy way to determine how much you want to spend is to think about one thing. What do you value, and how much do you value it? 

What do you value?

No matter your budget or desired style, there is a Charlotte NC, photographer out there for everyone from highend professionals to hobbyists just starting. When investing in a photographer for your family, it is important to consider what you value most in the experience. Factors such as style of photography, approach to capturing memories, cost, and quality of work should be considered. Photographers come in a variety of styles and approaches. So it is important to find one that aligns with your family’s individual needs and expectations. 

Is it important to you that your photographer can…

Capture your personality and the emotion of the moment
Travel to your home for a lifestyle newborn session, or offer a studio space
Have training, experience, and equipment to manage different lighting situations
Experience working with toddlers and newborns, and babies
Coordinates hair and makeup services
Has a client wardrobe for you and your littles
Has been published and recognized as an experienced artist in the field
Provides heirloom artwork, so you receive products at the end of your experience
Runs a legally sound and insured business
She is a mother herself and understands the unique challenges of both motherhood and photo sessions with little ones
Has close ties to other small businesses and is involved and known within the community
Has a reputation for providing only the best for clients when it comes to quality

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for, you might be wondering how much to invest in newborn photography. Consequently, the cost of newborn photography can vary greatly; however, what really makes the difference in pricing for photography? To answer this question, continue reading below.

Photographers Experience

Depending on the type of photography and the level of experience, photographers may charge different rates for their services. From lowbudget hobbyists to highend professionals, here is a look at what photographers in each price range might offer.

Photographer Budget / Experience

  1. LowBudget Photographers (0-400) typically charge a few hundred dollars for a single session and will deliver hundreds of images. This type of photographer is often more accessible to those with limited budgets, who may have limited experience posing babies, working with kids, etc. This option will leave you with many images for you to sort through. As well as leaving you to plan and coordinate the details of your session.
  2. MidRange Photographers (600- 1,000) This type of photographer typically has a few years of experience and a portfolio of work to show prospective clients. Photographers in this price range also tend to have a more professional setup and workflow. They may also be able to provide more complex services, such as photo editing and retouching.
  3. Professional Photographers (1,500-5,000+) These photographers are usually highly experienced professionals who have developed a reputation for producing stunning, highquality images while providing a luxury experience meant to take all of the stresses of newborn and family photos off your plate. The experience you might have with a photographer in this category:
    • Your professional family photographer will take care of every detail of your session.
    • Sessions include planning appointments, hair and makeup, and custom heirloom artwork for your home. They will either have a photography studio or extensive knowledge in lighting to come to your home for portraits, regardless of the weather & light conditions.
    • A professional photographer will focus on capturing your family’s authentic connection and love in addition to your traditional, posed portraits. In addition, they also know all the good angles to use when posing postpartum mothers. Furthermore, they understand the importance of taking pictures that will be treasured for generations.
    • In order to ensure that the session runs smoothly, the photographer will bring out the best in your children, resulting in a gallery filled with your favorite images.

Offerings by Charlotte NC Photographer

Investing in custom heirloom artwork from a professional Charlotte NC photographer can be a great way to capture and preserve lifes most precious memories. Prices for this service vary widely depending on the type of artwork desired. Katie Petrick Photography, for example, offers a variety of custom albums, matted albums, fine art gallery wall designs and frames, birth announcements, and more. Depending on your needs, you can expect to pay a session fee and additional costs for the artwork.

At the end of the day, the amount of money you invest in family photography is up to you and your family. No matter what you decide to invest in, its important to remember that youre investing in something that you and your family will treasure for years. Whether a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, its important to consider what you value and what experience you want. Ultimately, it’s worth it to invest in capturing and preserving those special family moments.

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Custom Heirloom artwork created by Charlotte NC photographer Katie Petrick Photography.

Charlotte NC Photographer

Katie Petrick Photography is a Charlotte NC Photographer. Helping busy moms treasure their precious memories with custom artwork. By giving them the gift of timeless images with newborn, maternity, and family photography and a luxury, stressfree experience. Servicing Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. 

  1. Melissa says:

    All great things to think about when looking for a photographer. Personally I want all the best prints/artwork. And I don’t want to have to do any of it myself.

  2. Anna says:

    This is great information for families looking for a photographer.

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