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The Importance of Documenting your Motherhood Journey

March 1, 2023

Hi, I'm katie.
Hi there! Welcome to the Katie Petrick Photography blog, a journal about our motherhood. Stay a while and say hello!
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The Motherhood Event is officially open for bookings, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about all you mamas and your legacy with your little ones. As a Charlotte family photographer, my priority is to create an experience for you so you can enjoy time with your babies and have images of you and your children in your final gallery. 

After my girls went to bed, I recently scrolled through my phone and noticed I wasn‘t in any of the pictures. I do have the occasional unflattering image taken by my 2yearold while she had my phone (I‘m sure you can relate!), but I didn‘t have many pictures with me in them. Now I challenge you to do the same: look through your phone and see how many images you have with your kids from the last 14 days. Are you in any? If the answer is no, I‘d love to connect with you.

Mama, you are a part of your family story. Create lasting images with Charlotte Family Photographer

The reality is that our babies are growing every day. I know some days it is harder to see that, but that is the reality. Time is so fleeting when you‘re pregnant, have a newborn at home, or have toddlers running around. This daytoday life you‘re living is your legacy, and having images of your babies on your phone is so important, but it is just as important to have the images on your walls, and in your hands, so you can share them with your children as they grow.

I have had so many clients say to me that they wish they had done more to document the early days and weeks of their children‘s lives, ensuring they were in the images, and I don‘t want you to be that mama. So, do yourself a favor and schedule a session with a Charlotte family photographer so you can get beautiful, lasting images that will help you remember all the little details you are quickly forgetting.

Having photographs of your children in the early days of their lives is not only a way to preserve the memories for yourself, but it is also a way to show your children the love within your family. These images will be something that your children can look back on for years to come and see the love that you had for them right from the start. Even though time passes quickly and your children will grow in a blink of an eye, having these images with you in them will help you to remember all the little moments that make up their childhood.

Charlotte Family Photographer

As a Charlotte family photographer, ensuring that mamas are in the images with their children is the heart behind what I do. If you are interested in learning more about the Motherhood Event click here.


Mama and baby girl by Charlotte family photographerKatie Petrick Photography Contact

  1. mary says:

    Oh how cute! That expression you captured!

  2. Rya says:

    Beautiful images, and so true!

  3. Gorgeous photos1. I wish I was in more photos with my kids as they were growing up. You can’t get that time back.

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