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Here’s what I find true as a Charlotte NC Photographer

May 30, 2023

Hi, I'm katie.
Hi there! Welcome to the Katie Petrick Photography blog, a journal about our motherhood. Stay a while and say hello!
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These past years as a Charlotte NC Photographer have been nothing short of amazing. All too often, we look at our days and think to ourselves we don’t have enough hours in the day. There are not enough hours to get regular household things done, let alone plan a photography session for your entire family! And as busy mamas to newborns or grown children, this might be true. But over the years as working as a Charlotte NC photographer, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing mamas, and getting to learn from them is just one of my favorite things about my job. After many newborn, family, and maternity photography sessions….

Here’s what I find true as a Charlotte NC Photographer

There is always enough time for your photography session. And if you don’t see time on your calendar… MAKE IT. I can’t tell you how many mamas tell me that they had so much fun at their session and how magical it was. Everyone is just playing and connecting with no distractions, and as busy parents, we don’t do it all that often!

These memories deserve to be printed. I recently had a mama talk to me about finding an old box of family albums. She mentioned how she sat there for hours looking at them and chatting with her mom about the stories behind the images. It brought her to tears, thinking of all the images on her phone and how she wanted to print them so she could connect with her children the same way she just did with her mom.

Your session is the perfect time to disconnect and have fun with your family! As a photographer, one common thing that I see at every session is that no parent reaches for their phone. Not ONE! I know that sounds crazy because we are so attached to them all day. However, at a session, you are so focused on your littles or your growing family that whatever is on your phone is not important! Your attention is 100% on your family and making memories. The best part is that the moments are so genuine that when you do build that beautiful gallery wall in your home or look through your album, those memories come right back, and you truly remember the emotions you were feeling that day.

As a Charlotte NC Photographer, I know that investing in your family and creating timeless memories and artwork for your home is not something you are going to regret investing in. When we are building a baby registry or shopping at Target we are investing in items that may not last the year; your memories, artwork, and legacy is worth the investment and going to last a lifetime.
If you are ready to schedule your session with Charlotte NC Photographer Katie Petrick Photographer, please contact us to get your session scheduled. I can’t wait to connect with you.
Charlotte NC Photographer Katie Petrick Photography
Charlotte NC photographer Katie Petrick Photography
Charlotte NC Photographer Katie Petrick Photography

Charlotte NC Photographer

Katie Petrick Photography is a Charlotte, NC, Photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, and family photography. Helping busy moms treasure their precious memories with custom artwork. Giving them the gift of timeless images with newborn, maternity, and family photography and a luxury, stressfree experience. Servicing Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. 

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I'm Katie and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about our motherhood! Stay a while and say hello!

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