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Behind the scenes look into your planning & wardrobe call for your fine art photography session in Charlotte NC

July 12, 2023

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A key part of creating a memorable experience is understanding your vision through the planning and wardrobe call. We work together to curate every detail of your session, ensuring it reflects your style and preferences in Charlotte, NC. This call sets the foundation for bringing your vision to life. One crucial step in this process is the planning and wardrobe call, where we work together to ensure that every detail is carefully considered and curated specifically for your fine art photography session in Charlotte, NC.

The planning and wardrobe call is an essential part of our journey together. It allows us to connect on a deeper level. Allowing me to understand your unique style and preferences. We will discuss specific ideas or themes you have in mind for your photographs. Whether you’re celebrating a new baby or simply want to capture a moment, this call sets the foundation for bringing your vision to life.

What does your session prep look like?

During our conversation, we’ll discuss the location options for your fine art photography session in Charlotte, NC. I will guide you in selecting the ideal location for your family session, whether it’s an outdoor landscape or an intimate indoor setting in your home or studio.

Location & Timing

Once we have determined the ideal location, we will discuss the best time to schedule your fine art photography session. If you prefer warm, golden sunlight, we may opt for a sunrise or sunset session. Alternatively, we can schedule a session during the golden hour for a more dramatic effect, benefiting from the softer and diffused lighting. By carefully considering these factors, we can ensure that your photographs are beautifully lit and reflect your vision.


In addition to location and timing, your wardrobe for your session significantly creates stunning and cohesive photographs. We will actively discuss and explore your personal style, inquire about any specific colors or themes you might have in mind, and work together to figure out how we can seamlessly incorporate them into your chosen outfits. I will hand-select a few dresses for you and some options for your littles to ensure that you don’t have to stress or worry about that come time for your session!


As a fine art photographer in Charlotte, NC, I provide a  full-service helping you create beautiful artwork for your home. This is why on your planning call, we will discuss the products. That might be a gallery wall or an album you enjoy flipping through the pages with your little one. From here, this will allow me to ensure we get the images that will complement these products so beautifully. It is also a great time to start thinking of the styles, color, and design your like best.

Ready to Plan your dream session?

By investing time in planning and curating every aspect of your fine art photography session in Charlotte, NC, we can create images that truly represent your unique style, personality, and vision. I am committed to delivering a full-service experience that exceeds your expectations and makes your life a little bit easier – from the location and timing to the wardrobe choices and your preferences.

I personally love the planning and wardrobe calls because it allows me to connect with you all and bring your vision to life, and it is a crucial step in creating beautiful and timeless photographs. We can curate every detail specifically for your fine art photography session in Charlotte, NC, through open communication and collaboration. From the location options and timing to the wardrobe choices, I am confident your session will be a relaxed and fun experience. We can create stunning and meaningful photographs that you will cherish forever by investing time and effort into understanding you and your unique style.

If you are ready to create timeless artwork designed for busy mamas through remarkable imagery and an experience to match, I can’t wait to connect with you! Contact here.

fine art photography session in Charlotte NC Katie Petrick Photography
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fine art photography session in Charlotte NC



With a specialization in newborn, maternity, and family photography, Katie Petrick Photography offers fine art photography sessions in Charlotte, NC. Dedicated to helping busy moms preserve their precious memories, we provide custom artwork and timeless images. Our North Carolina photography studio provides in-home and outdoor sessions in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We aim to offer a luxury and stress-free experience for our clients.

Let’s be friends! To see more recent work and updates, be sure you take a look at our Instagram profile.


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